Who is Affected by Surplus Assets?

Every company has surplus assets on their balance sheet. Poor inventory control management and tracking of these non-performing assets can cause unseen business losses before anyone recognizes the problem exists.Every organization is at risk, such as:
  • Manufacturers of goods, where materials normally make a stop in a warehouse
  • Companies that buy supplies and materials that go unused and tie up needed cash
  • Industrial organizations with an accumulation of assets that are non-performing due to replacement purchases or unused materials that remain following project completion
Surplus assets tie up valuable real estate space and capital that should be used to generate revenue. Surplus Capital Management Group can help you control your inventory and identify the value to your unused assets. Our Surplus Asset Management System--or SAMS™ --is the solution provided to clients of Surplus Asset Management Group.

SAMS™ is an enterprise wide, web-based application accessed from a secure web site that requires a unique username and password for each client’s approved employees. With SAMS™. you can track all of your surplus inventory of assets globally, which will help improve your investment recovery strategies.

SAMS™ is unique in that not only do you see how much you have and where it is located, but also with click of your mouse you can sell, reinvest, donate or salvage your surplus assets. SAMS™ is as easy to use as your Excel® spreadsheet, but provides you more functionality.

SAMS™ provides you with:

  • Real-time reports of all disposition activities
  • A customized process to meet your needs for capturing critical numbers and information
  • Data gathering of asset information from people in the field
  • External and internal merge of data with inside accounting and legacy systems.
  • A company wide digital dashboard designed to track daily activities
  • Internal or external web site hosting of application.

The Surplus Capital Management Group (SCMGT) has the specialized expertise to provide your company professional inventory control management consulting services. We make it possible to convert your surplus, waste or non-performing assets into savings or even unexpected income.

To control inventory for our clients, SCMGT does the following:

  • Customizes the design of our specialized software to meet your organization’s needs
  • Takes a physical accounting of all items and barcodes your assets
  • Develops an Inventory of surplus assets, with documentation and cataloging
  • Facilitates the logistics of asset disposition
  • Manages project material either offsite or onsite

Surplus Capital Management Group serves as your consultants for investment recovery, handles asset management recovery, and logistics management.

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