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Consulting Asset Management Recovery

As your consultant for asset management recovery, Surplus Capital Management Group (SGMGT) provides a comprehensive set of services, including an internet-based utility that helps your company systematically and efficiently identify, redeploy and dispose of surplus assets.

Surplus Capital Management Group is an up and coming Texas company that provides choices for you to make business decisions by designing a strategic approach to surplus asset management, with flexible, full-service solutions - from procurement of used assets to efficient disposition.

Stockpiles of surplus and idle business equipment accumulate faster than they can be sold, taking up valuable warehouse space and soaking up capital in even the fastest growing companies. This equipment is an untapped source of revenue and return for your company.

Every company has surplus assets on their balance sheet, with poor management of these non-performing assets, causing unseen business losses before anyone recognizes that problems exist.

Any organization can be at risk, including manufacturers of goods, where materials normally make a stop in a warehouse, as well as companies buying supplies and materials that go unused and tie up needed cash. Others are industrial organizations with an accumulation of assets that are non-performing due to replacement purchases or materials unused after project completion.

Surplus assets tie up valuable real estate space and capital that should be used to generate revenue. Surplus Capital Management Group can help you bring value to those unused assets through our consulting services.

For maintenance, storage, transportation, and disposal of all materials and equipment, SGMGT shares your accountability for the Standards and Guidelines outlined by the US Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

This surplus, and idle equipment, is invisible in most organizations. While companies place their greatest focus on current assets that are revenue generators, little attention has been given to the management of surplus, non-performing assets that are costing them valuable dollars.

Surplus Assets Management Group provides comprehensive administration, with a central point of accountability focused on helping you accomplish your goals – locally or globally.
With an efficient tracking system, your company’s assets can easily deployed to where they are needed, reactivating their value to your organization.

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