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Investment Recovery Consultants

Do you know the current value of your unused assets? How are you currently tracking your unused assets? Are you monitoring your unused assets globally, and who is responsible for your investment recovery? Surplus Capital Management Group provides investment recovery consultation services to get you answers.

We help your company realize immediate savings through recovering investments such as:

  • Tax liabilities on dormant assets
  • The escalating costs associated with offsite warehouses and storage locations
  • Insufficient reutilization of unused assets after a project’s completion, resulting in redundant purchasing
  • Sales of unused assets to increase your bottom line

If surplus or idle assets are no longer needed within your company, Surplus Capital Management Group can establish their value or arrange for disposition. Each consultation features a complete evaluation of your assets to help you make sound financial decisions. We select the most optimal sales channel, assuring your company both maximum results and the quickest sales approach.

Partnering with Surplus Capital Management Group gives your company access to:

  • Complete and accurate asset reports
  • Global asset tracking with our online database
  • Optimal use of warehouse and storage space
  • Decreased tax liabilities as a result of prompt asset disposition
  • Maximizing the return on sales of assets

Most common forms of asset or investment recovery are performed by employees or vendors who may handle only specific items. At best, this process has proved to be limited, relating to reporting or recording accurate and timely data.

Surplus Capital Management Group (SCMGT) provides comprehensive investment recovery services. In addition, you receive the value-added benefit of recouping 70 to 90% of all costs associated with carrying left-over project materials and unused assets on your books. SCGMT serves as your “Strategic Outsourced Management Partner.”

SCMGT has the experience and knowledge about comprehensive investment recovery to convert what was previously considered waste (or non-performing assets) into a savings for your organization through:

  • Physical inventory and barcoding your assets
  • Asset documentation and cataloging
  • Facilitation of asset disposition logistics, and
  • Offsite or onsite project materiel management

Remember: The Surplus Capital Management Group’s bottom line is to increase your bottom line.

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