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Logistics Management Consulting

Why redeploy? To increase your bottom line--is also our bottom line. Surplus Capital Management Group customers immediately see the benefits of efficiently controlling surplus assets and redeploying them internally through an efficient logistics management system.

For the first time, our clients have access to a company-wide view of all idle and surplus assets. Once these surplus assets are identified, they can be put to work – enhancing, rather than detracting from the value of your organization.

It is estimated that there are $60 billion worth of surplus assets on factory floors in the United States. A well-executed surplus asset management program can mean significant dollars for your company

Our sophisticated technology can search, sort, browse, and redeploy assets throughout your organization. This hosted solution is a secure corporate resource to facilitate the internal transfer of these idle assets, or those earmarked for external remarketing.

SAMS™--or Surplus Asset Management System--helps you to achieve the highest possible ROI and fastest implementation. It is accessed from a secure web site with username and password requirements. With SAMS™, you can track all of your surplus assets globally, thus improving your investment recovery strategies. SAMS™ is unique in that not only do you see how much you have and where it is located, but also with click of your mouse, you can sell, reinvest, donate or salvage your surplus assets.

SAMS™ provides you with:

  • Real-time reports of all disposition activities
  • A customized process to meet your need to gather critical numbers and information
  • Data gathering of asset information from people in the field
  • External and internal data merge with inside accounting and legacy systems.
  • A company wide digital dashboard designed to track daily activities

SAMS™ is as easy to use as your Excel® spreadsheet, with a great deal more functionality and flexibility.

The process begins with the discovery phase, where forgotten, obsolete, or unneeded assets are uncovered through a complete inventory. SCMGT field staffers work with your representatives to make a comprehensive site visit for the identification, condition and documentation of those surplus or idle assets. These results are entered into the SAMS™, and are available to your designated staff members, whether local, national or international.

Individuals manage the system, keeping the surplus inventory information complete, current and easy to access. This diligence results in the highest value for your surplus assets - whether they are redeployed internally or disposed via an external market.

If surplus or idle assets are no longer needed within your company, we can establish their value or arrange for disposal. Each consultation features a complete evaluation of your assets to help you make sound financial decisions. We select the most optimal sales channel, assuring your company both maximum results and the quickest sales approach.

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